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ELI Eco Logic Inc. (Eco Logic) is located in Rockwood, Ontario, Canada, and was incorporated in 1987. Eco Logic has developed, patented and is marketing a hazardous waste destruction process (the "Eco Logic Process"). The Eco Logic Process is a gas-phase chemical reduction process that converts organic hazardous and other wastes into reusable or safely disposable materials. The Eco Logic Process has been incorporated into a mobile unit that is capable of processing bulk solid, soil or liquid waste at a customer’s location. The company believes its technology is safer and more cost effective than off-site technologies such as incineration and, for certain hazardous wastes, landfill, containment and storage.

Eco Logic assists industry in meeting pollution prevention and waste minimization goals through the use of GPCR™ for on-site treatment of organic wastes as they are produced, thus eliminating their discharge from the facility. Industries suitable for this application include chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers and other industries producing organic waste streams. An example is the use of GPCR™ to treat carbon filters, which are commonly used in chemical and metallurgical manufacturing processes for removal of chlorinated organics from liquid and gaseous streams. A portable GPCR™ plant can be implemented on-site to treat and regenerate the carbon filter material for reuse at the facility.

To date, over $60,000,000 has been spent in developing, testing, improving and commercializing the Eco Logic Process and ancillary technologies. At various junctures, Eco Logic has collaborated with Canadian and US environmental and defense agencies to generate leverage for activities at a level of approximately $5.5 million. Going forward, the company intends to focus activities on improved operational efficiencies for the GPCR™ Process and existing ancillary technologies, opportunities to improve mobility for the Process, and application of the Eco Logic Process to additional waste streams.

Eco Logic has operated two full-scale plants (one in North America and one in Australia), and has designed, built and delivered portable demonstration plants to both American and Japanese clients.

People, ideas, services and products beyond a single use.
Beneko: The Latin word “Bene” means good, and “Eko” represents our economic and ecological ecosystem.

Beneko is a circular ecosystem of people, ideas, services and products beyond a single use. Many believe that living a healthy and circular life is more expensive. Our app shows that you can easily save money, and be circular.

Beneko is a shopping app that enables users to never pay full price for a smartphone or accessory again. Beneko allows you to pay only for what you really use. Once you’re done using it, return it for second-hand resale or recycling.

For a low monthly fee, you can join over 2 million customers and enjoy premium services, lifetime care, and warranty across 28 countries.
And finally, give a second life to old electronics before they are recycled responsibly. Plus, you will recover added value when you return your old products. You can earn green dividends by investing your unused electronics into green projects.

Our vision is to build a circular platform where users can subscribe to any product or service and pay only one monthly fee. Whether that is the latest smartphone, household appliance, 5G connectivity, TV, streaming service, or car and health insurance, you get access to everything at cost. We take only a fixed membership fee from the user. Effectively, you are saving hundreds of euros while being completely circular. Easily access the most desirable products while paying only for what you actually use.

The Best Products, the Best Prices! Here’s How:

Beneko is a responsible marketplace that is committed to working toward a sustainable future by using a PaaS (Products as a Service) business model and operating within the circular economy. In doing so, they are tackling some of the most detrimental environmental issues caused by over-consumption, excessive waste, and more specifically, E-waste. They offer users an alternative to traditional marketplaces by providing an eco-friendly, sustainable shopping experience that rewards customers with the absolute lowest prices.

The idea behind this innovative business models is simple: consumers use a small service fee to get access to the use of electronic devices and play a proactive role in a more planet-friendly way of using technology while saving money and only paying for what they use.

“We are not only helping consumers get great deals and sell their used devices for the best possible price, but we are also reducing e-waste by responsibly recycling unwanted devices returned from the consumers.” Stefan Durina – founder

But just how good are the deals? Let’s find out!

Below you fill find a downloadable list of some of the most popular products among existing Beneko app users.

Though prices are indicative, this list demonstrates the significant value Beneko provides to their users. For real time deals, you can download the app to browse the product catalogue or use the ‘Wishlist’ feature to get a quote on specific products you would like to have.


Under the shop, use, return, repeat model customers are ensured they will never have to pay full price for their favorite electronics again. A small service fee of 5 Euro per month, charged quarterly, gives users access to the highly discounted deals inside the Beneko app while also providing them with quality services such as lifetime warranties and next business day repair on their devices.

Beneko is not only a more sustainable solution to our ever-growing consumption of technology, it’s also a more affordable way for consumers to use the latest devices and keep up to date with what’s new on the market. Instead of all the outright costs that come with buying devices, with Beneko, users simply pay a deposit and as long as their account is active, they may use the products for as long as they would like.

Users also have the unique freedom to return their device any time they choose and get a prorated return on their deposit based on the length of time they used the device. Effectively, this model allows users to only pay for what they really used, never the full price of the product.

What happens to the devices once they’ve been returned? Beneko ensures that every returned device is responsibly recycled or given a new home through the second-hand market so that the cycle of sustainability can continue while users get additional cash back.

Please note: if users do not pay their service fee, their account will be considered inactive. At this point, all products will need to be returned to Beneko and the warranty services will be void.

To learn more, check out or download the Beneko App.

These offers can be downloaded as a PDF file or viewed as a separate page:

Currently, Eco Logic has joined Beneko to be a circular eco-friendly marketplace. Beneko and Eco Logic work together to create a clean and green business.

We are trusted by over 1.000.000 clients.

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We Are Circular

A new way to own your smartphone with a focus on the circular economy. At Beneko, we take care of all the devices and gadgets in your home. Now you, too, can be part of our collective: Here you get lifetime care for all your products and a guarantee we take them back in any condition and resell them or recycle them responsibly. Then you get to try other used or new products.

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